Breathe in - Break out

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Wednesday, 13th of August, 14:00 at youth center “Blauer Elefant” (address Anhalter Platz 1, Silberhöhe):

Free workshops: Breakdance, Capoeira, Space-Painting and Rap for kids and youths

Graffiti battle Part 1

Thursday, 14th of August, 14:00 at youth center “Dornröschen” (address Hallorenstrasse 31a, Neustadt):

Free workshops: Breakdance, Capoeira, Graffiti and Rap for kids and youths

Graffiti battle Part 2

Friday, 15th of August:

16:00 at “Künstlerhaus 188” (address Böllberger Weg 188):

Break out! Battle 2vs2

22:00 at “Stadhof Glaucha” (address Böllberger Weg 5, opposite to 188):

Warm-Up Party: live Rap with Ishence (Euskal Herria), Assesinos (Halle), Montagsmaler (Halle), DJ McCracken (Halle). Funk'n Soul with Funk Metal Jacket (Euskal Herria). Reggae with Dubclub-Hallesaale

Saturday, 16th of August:

16:00 at “Marktplatz” (market place, inner city):

Reclaim the streets - freestyle together!

22:00 at “Hühnermanhattan” (adress Hordorfer Strasse 4):

Hip Hop and Reggae concerts with Alice-Dee (Berlin), Shawn the Savage Kid (Regensburg), DJ Rudboy (Halle), Papa Dula Band (Halle) und Dubclub-Hallesaale

Sunday, 17th of August, 16:00 at “FAZ” (address Geiststrasse 29)

Breakdance workshop with Big Toni (Battle Bunch/Weekend Warriorz)


Registrations for the battles and workshops: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.