Breathe in - Break out

Styles United? Let's join!

Art connects people, art creates bridges, art opens up possibilities. Hip Hop is manifold, comprising, amongst others, music, dance, painting and singing. The “Styles United” project invites kids and youths from Halle (Germany) to appropriate these expressions. The project has been initiated by the Breathe in-Break out! kollective and is supported by local artists, cultural activists, small businesses and the national educational program “Künste Öffnen Welten”. No prior experiences are required and participation is entirely free. Each and everyone is invited, to join the experiment:

- Silvercity-Music Groupe (SMG) meets every Wednesday from 16h to 18h to rap, sing and streetdance at the youth centre BLAUER ELEFANT (address Anhalter Platz 1, Silberhöhe). You can come along and join whenever you wish!

- or you can join our weekly breakdance workshops at DORNRÖSCHEN (address Hallorenstrasse 31a, Neustadt), each Wednesday from 15h30-17h30

- or capoeira for kids, also weekly at GRUNDSCHULE AM HEIDERAND (address Carl-Schorlemmer-Ring 64). We will announce the dates and times soon.

On 30th of August we will all jam together at Laternenfest from 15 - 20:30 - graffiti, rap, reggae, singing and dancing by and for the young and the old. Ask for the Corax stage at "Rive-Ufer", taht is where we will be at. Hope to see you!

Videotrack: Jah Robinson, L.A.K. and Flow on the BiBo 2013 album